The Street Department has two crews that collect miscellaneous junk (i.e., furniture, bedding, small appliances, etc.) and yard debris (i.e., limbs, leaves, trimmings). These items must be separated at the curb as these items are not picked up by the same truck. The crews do not have specified days to collect certain items; they just continually cover the routes and collect as needed.


Another crew handles the maintenance of the streets, storm drains, and rights of way. During the summer months, they do the mowing and herbicide spraying in order to maintain the rights of way within the city limits of Jackson. They also help maintain the electric and water/sewer rights of way with the "forest-cutter." This machine will cut small trees and brush, mulching the debris, therefore being eco-friendly. This crew maintains and replaces storm drains and cross drains. The city of Jackson also does its own paving of city streets.